FDA Approved AI-assisted Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Testing

Executive Summary

The client is a leading US-based provider of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for ultrasound imaging. The diagnostic tool for ultrasound imaging is designed to enable precise imaging and diagnosis of various medical conditions, offering high-resolution imaging, real-time visualization, and data analysis capabilities.

The client faced challenges with the accuracy of the AI-assisted system. Ultrasound images can create distortions or artefacts in the image that can result in inaccurate diagnoses. To deal with this complexity in the image workflow and display evaluation, the client needed an expert to cover the testing of the actual scanning function.

To enhance the quality of ultrasound imaging and yield more accurate results, eInfochips designed a test automation framework for handheld ultrasound devices and probe testing. Our framework covers a wide range of features that enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and performance of the tool, and this enables our client to gain a competitive edge through higher customer satisfaction.

Project Highlights

  • 65% coverage of features using test automation
  • 54% reduction in testing time with automation
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