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Retail companies are making a greater push towards providing a personalized and unified shopping experience for online and in-store consumers. IoT in the retail market has been estimated to grow at a CAGR of 23.6% from $21.6. billion a year in 2020 to $62.5 billion in 2025 (source: Markets and Markets). The need to understand consumer behaviour, even in offline channels, pushes the retail stores to look for omnipresent analytics by interconnecting the sensors, cameras, and point of sale equipment at the site to drive unified intelligence. Moreover, consumers are seeking stores that deliver an end-to-end connected experience via mobile apps, contactless payment solutions, AR/VR, smart cards, biometrics and host of other technologies and solutions. To achieve all this seamlessly, all functions such as supply chain, inventory management, product tracking and monitoring, mobile/web-based apps, point of sale, must integrate to provide an autonomous retail experience. eInfochips has strong expertise in designing AI based video analytics solution that can help with planning in-store promotional strategies, theft detection, improving staff responsiveness and boosting operational efficiency.

eInfochips (An Arrow Company) is an expert in providing end-to-end retail transformation services. With over 25 years of OT-IT integration expertise, we have helped one of the top 10 retailers in the world to design cost effective solutions for their stores. The solution spans IP camera design and development, smart digital shelf, interactive digital signage solutions, PoS systems (including contactless payment), Video management solutions, cloud enablement, Edge-based machine learning, mobility, e-commerce solutions, and more. We help our clients in building a comprehensive connected retail solution from the storefront to the back office. eInfochips has designed and deployed multiple solutions for its end clients including In-store retail surveillance, Handheld scanners, Point-of-Sale terminals, Digital Signage Solutions, Inventory management solutions, e-commerce Solutions and many more.

Why eInfochips for Smart Retail?

Experts in image based search algorithms for image capture-search-buy in e-Commerce
Enabled Retail transformation for 2000+ stores
Developed In-store surveillance solution for the world’s 4th largest grocery store chain

Developed 25k smart shelves, 30k handhled scanners, 70k cameras, 560k temp. sensors,2k humidity sensors and 5k weight sensors

“Top 10 retail security solutions provider” in Retail CIO Outlook magazine

Expertise in both in-store and online customer shopping solutions

Key Offerings



Unified Test Automation framework for web and mobile

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules.

Solution Spotlight: Connected Smart Retail

Helping retailers maximize business opportunities with IoT

The technology at the consumer landscape is changing faster than ever. Customers are in constant lookout for convenient and innovate ways for smarter shopping experience. Retailers are looking for technologies that can optimize the store operations and enhance the customer in-store/online experience. We help retailers overcome the technological challenges with solutions to provide a truly connected retail, for cost optimization and better shopping experience to their customers.

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Sensor Enabled Energy Saving Solutions

We help to integrate your sensors in refrigerators, air conditioners, lighting, doors, etc. for monitoring and managing the energy consumption.

Path to Purchase Mapping

Enhance customer shopping experience by understanding customer journey using pre and post purchase behavior analysis, dwell time analysis, check-out counter queuing, etc. Self-checkout using sensor enabled smart carts.

Vending Process Optimization

Building intelligent shelves for automatic order replenishment triggers to store managers, ordering platforms, and vendors (as preferred). 

Remote Asset Diagnostics & Preventive Maintenance

Enabling triggers for preventive maintenance, by remotely analysing equipment/device performance indicators such as device uptime, temperature, vibrations, power consumption etc.

In-Store Navigation

Provide personalized phygital (physical + digital) shopping experience to the customers by enabling welcome messages, guiding to the product placements, providing product info, coupons in their smart phone/device/cart app.

PoS Integration

Harmonize your data by integrating your insights from different applications with Point of Sale data. Get a complete view of retail sale activities to enhance the operations across supply, marketing, and sales.

Queue Management

Enhance the shopping experience by reducing the queue time at checkout counters, with insights from the queue count and wait time. Predicting customer queuing for better allocation of staffs at your checkout counter.

Theft Prevention

Continuously measure the number of people entering your store. The insights will help in calculating conversion rates, average value transaction, staff to customer ratio, replenishment cycles etc. and helps you in being better prepared for seasonality, peak demand days, marketing promotions etc.

Food Freshness Monitoring

Keep a constant vigil on the freshness of food by integrating biosensors with sensors for temperature and humidity at the cold storage units.

Foot Fall Analysis

Protect your store from thefts and threats, by preventing unauthorized control using video analytics and integration with access control devices. Geo-fencing of store items can be enabled through integration of sensors with the perimeter maps, with remote monitoring & automatic alarms.

    • Store traffic analysis
    • Ratio of traffic to sales conversion
    • Store floor optimization
    • High performing zones (for product placements)
    • Item stock-out prediction
    • Checkout counter queue prediction
    • Vending machine operational analytics

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Accelerating potential every day

The retail industry is more dynamic than ever. If we compare it with what it is now and what it was ten years ago...
The client is an omni-channel retail player addressing both eCommerce and in-store customers, and operates...
The omni-channel retail client caters to eCommerce and in-store customers, as it operates as a warehouse...

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