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Executive Summary

The retail industry is going through a massive digital transformation and the market for smart retail is estimated to reach $60B* by 2025. Not only has the trend for a connected, personalized shopping experience seen a sharp uptick, thanks to COVID-19, consumers are also demanding a low to zero contact shopping experience. Increasingly savvy consumers are seeking stores that deliver an end-to-end connected experience via mobile apps, contactless payment solutions, AR/VR, smart cards, biometrics and host of other technologies and solutions. For the retailer, AI based video analytics can help with planning in-store promotional strategies, theft detection, improving staff responsiveness and boosting operational efficiency.

To achieve all this seamlessly, especially while driving an omni-channel presence and retailing experience, all functions such as supply chain, inventory management, product tracking and monitoring, mobile/web based apps, point of sale, must integrate to provide an autonomous retail experience.

eInfochips (An Arrow Company) is an expert in providing smart retail solutions. With over 25 years of OT-IT integration expertise, we have helped one of the top 10 retailers in the world to design cost effective solutions for their stores. The end-to-end solution spans IP camera design and development, smart digital shelf, interactive digital signage solutions, PoS systems (including contactless payment), Video management solutions, cloud enablement, edge based machine learning, mobility and e-commerce solutions, and more.

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Smart Retail Brochure
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Marketing Effectiveness
    • Increased Operational Efficiency
    • Loss Prevention
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