Enabling Image Search for a Large eRetail Company

Executive Summary

The client is an omni-channel retail player addressing both eCommerce and in-store customers, and operates its own warehouse club spread across various locations in North America. Being a retailer, quick search and retrieval of products in response to customer queries is a day-to-day business activity for the client which is followed by prompt customer notifications via emails and phone calls. So far, it was relying on manual methods to look up relevant products across different catalogs, a highly time-consuming affair and thus, there was a need for some kind of automation solution to improve on speed and accuracy of search results.

eInfochips developed a customized, image-based search engine based on Content-based Image Retrieval (CBIR) which applies computer vision techniques to the image retrieval problem. This user-friendly feature allowed the client’s customers to directly upload an image on a web portal or mobile app from their smartphones and quickly zero in on their object of desire as they can see close and relevant search results with greater clarity and more precision.

Eventually, our solution would lead to tangible business benefits for the client including higher revenues and a 10% increase in order conversion rate which correlates with improved response time to customer queries and faster acquisition of new customers.

Project Highlights

    • Web Portal and Mobile App
    • Image Classification & Sorting
    • 10% Growth in Order Conversion
    • Enhanced Customer Experience
    • Improved Operational Efficiency
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