How AR, & VR Are Revolutionizing the Aviation & Aerospace Solutions Industry

How AR, & VR Are Revolutionizing the Aviation & Aerospace Solutions Industry

Many industries, including the aerospace industry, have been reshaped by augmented and virtual reality, offering numerous advantages. This technology is increasingly used in defense, space, and commercial aviation for various purposes, such as safety, simulation, battlefield imaging, training, enhancing the customer experience, and commercial aviation operations.

What are ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553?

ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 are data bus standards used widely for avionics systems. ARINC 429 is mainly used in commercial aircraft while MIL-STD-1553 is ideal for real-time mission-critical applications. The MIL-STD-1553 is a military-grade avionics data bus created over 40 years ago by the US Department of Defense. First used in the General Dynamics F-16 fighter aircraft, it has since become a widely adopted data bus used in various military and civil transport aircraft. ARINC-429 was designed in the 1970s (part of Boeing 757/767 development) to ensure interoperability between various systems of the aircraft like navigation, guidance, and flight management computers to accomplish a successful flight.

EPDI Tool (eInfochips Parameter Data Item Tool)

Executive Summary To certify the aerospace software for DO-178C, it is needed to go through the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Software Planning Process, Requirements Process, Development & Integration Process, Verification Process and Certification Liaison Process for PDI. With the Traditional approach to writing requirements, code and test cases and test procedures for […]

Top 7 applications of eVTOL in various industries

Necessity is the mother of inventions; we experience it now and then. But who would have thought that the necessity of transportation and scarcity of fuel will give rise to the invention of technology like eVTOL that will completely transform the aerospace industry? In the recent report by Deloitte, it is estimated that the US […]

Aerospace Engineering Services – Brochure

Executive Summary The aerospace and defense industry around the globe has been experiencing various challenges over the last few years, and manufacturers are embracing innovation to match the rising demands. Aerospace companies are seeking new ways to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. eInfochips engineering services are compliant with DO-254, DO-178B/C, DO-160, and ARP4754. We […]

eVTOL aircraft – Future of elevated/aerial transportation

eVTOL aircraft – Future of elevated/aerial transportation

We all know that air travel is the quickest and most efficient mode of transportation since it uses natural routes and does not necessitate the physical construction of additional routes. They are unaffected by obstacles such as dense forests, steep mountains, deserts, and oceans. However, looking at the existing model of transportation mediums, it has […]

Augmented Reality Trends in Aerospace and Defense

Augmented Reality Trends in Aerospace and Defense

According to a report by MDPI, maintenance is a leading contributory factor in almost 12% of all aircraft accidents. To avoid these kinds of incidents, several aerospace and defense contractors have started investing in Augmented Reality (AR) technology since both these industries are well-positioned to use AR. TAE, an Australian engine MRO company, identified the […]

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the Aerospace Industry

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry spans various levels of development, manufacturing, maintenance, and support of aircraft, spacecraft, and rotorcraft. It is a mission-critical industry, and its success depends on components that need to be highly reliable and accurate. Due to this, the industry needs to constantly improve its manufacturing processes, reduce labor costs and human errors, monitor […]

Importance of Health Monitoring System for Aircraft

In the fast-paced world of aviation, safety is paramount, and the Aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS) emerges as a vital defender of the skies. Aircraft Health Monitoring Systems (AHMS) uses real-time data from multiple sensors that are integrated into aircraft components/parts to increase aircraft safety and reliability. AHMS consists of hardware and software instruments, solutions, and techniques that conduct remote surveillance of aircraft to learn their present or potential serviceability.

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