Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)

Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)

Description Discover the cutting-edge Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS), a game-changing technology in aviation safety. With runway overruns accounting for a staggering 30% of commercial plane accidents worldwide between 1995 and 2008, ROAAS emerges as a critical “safety net” for pilots during landing operations. This innovative system provides real-time performance monitoring and timely […]

RTCA DO-160 Testing Standard: Everything You Need To Know

Rtca Do-160 Testing Standard: Everything You Need To Know

A compliance testing certification should be available when using a rugged server or workstation. Rugged servers must undergo certification by an internal lab or compliance laboratory to ensure they can withstand and function as intended in harsh environments that would typically damage standard computers. These environments include desert conditions, submarine environments, or, as specified in […]

Drone Types Usage and Classification


Description The objective of this paper is to explain the types of UAVs and its various components along with short comparison with top vendors available in the market. The paper also presents a comparison of the features of flight controllers with top opensource brand and Proprietary brand. Project Highlights Types of Multi-rotor UAV Components of […]

Things to Know About Flight Management Systems (FMS)

Things to Know About Flight Management Systems (FMS) Explained

FMS resembles your car’s GPS in many aspects since waypoints are pre-programmed to be between the starting location and the ending point. You enter your destination into a program, and it departs. With the FMS’s help, the aircraft can connect that route to the autopilot and maintain its heading with remarkable precision, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Automatic Testing Equipment for Aerospace Industry

Automatic Testing Equipment for Aerospace Industry

In an era of rapid expansion of testing and measurement industries, Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) plays a vital role. Especially in the avionics industry, automated testing has become a chokepoint in manufacturing. ATEs are used to optimize the test cycle for precision and reduce the cost, time, and risk of testing. In this blog, we will discuss what automated testing equipment is and how it is beneficial for the avionics industry.

A Solution to Maintain an LRU


Whitepaper – Any hardware system to be installed in the aerospace system called the LRU (Line Replaceable Units)…

DO-178C Stages of Involvement


Whitepaper – DO-178C, also known as Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is a standard for certifying software in airborne systems…

Understanding DO-178C Certification Artifacts and Software Life Cycle Data Items for Various DALs

DO-178C is a critical document for software developers involved in the certification of airborne systems and equipment. However, understanding the software life cycle data or artifacts required for certification can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we will explain the minimum software life cycle data required for submission to the certification authority, along with any additional data items that may be requested.

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