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Miniaturization of the devices in industry

Miniaturization of the devices in industry

Small is the new big.

Everlasting demand of small form factor handheld electronic devices have influenced various markets like medical, aerospace, military, media, retail and consumer electronics. Medical and aerospace industries are stringent in requirements of size and weight than investment for the devices and instruments. Medical devices industry is observing a boom in demand of nano-sized robotic surgery equipment with sophistication and advances into wearable, personalized healthcare gadgets. Slender mobile handsets, tablets and PCs (netbooks and ultrabooks) have penetrated the consumer computing market. This downsizing trend of electronics devices has shaped up tough challenges for designers and product developers to contrive for innovation in conventional design practices.

In recent times, media professionals are experiencing an increasing demand for live video coverage. Riots, accidents, war, sports and political events that have crowds eager to watch it live. This demand has pushed and challenged broadcasters and online media professional to look for new ways to deliver non-stop live high definition video with to their viewers. Reaching the event locations as soon as possible becomes impractical with bulky TV production trucks. Sports events organized in large stadiums require multiple cameras to capture it from different views and angles. It could also be dangerous to cover riots and wars from close quarters.

Here, portable handheld devices that transfer real-time video over cellular technology could be the answers from the product designers. These devices can replace the bulky TV production truck and also reduces the risk in case of damage to life and equipment.

This portable device can be comfortably carried on backpacks to escape or reach event location in a short time. The new generation of DSP and GPU processors are powerful enough to capture SD/HD streams that can connect high-end professional camera over various high speed interfaces like SDI and HDMI. Multiple cameras could also be connected to capture the event from different views and angles. Such small form factor device with a battery backup of between 1 to 4 hours that provides easy-to-use interfaces is a viable alternate of expensive satellite TV production trucks. A single camera operator can capture live traffic updates, weather reports and can go to the locations of the crisis/accident to stream it live to the viewers.

eInfochips has delivered innovation in this domain with a portable video capture and uplink device based on cellular technology, for wireless HD video broadcasting applications.

About eInfochips

eInfochips is a Product and Semiconductor Design Solutions company with the infrastructure, processes, expertise and experience to deliver turnkey technology solutions from global offshore centers for industries like Aerospace &Defense, Security & Surveillance, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Media & Broadcast, Retail and Software.

eInfochips expertise has been recognized by reputed agencies like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, NASSCOM and Zinnov. Today, over 1000 professionals deliver turnkey projects from 10 design centers across India and USA, for top-notch global product companies. The company has sales offices in USA, Canada, Japan, UK and India.

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