Remote Monitoring Of Industrial Equipment


Executive Summary Industrial field device monitoring at 100+ plants using Azure, real-time rule-based alerts & dashboard-based map views for location, enterprise level insightseInfochips’ designed and developed MS Azure based next gen platform for device data integration, monitoring and reporting that was scalable for number of devices, sensor types and connectivity mechanisms. Client A US-based motion […]

Smart Connected Water Meters


Executive Summary Improved water metering effectiveness, secure usage monitoring, control, compliance, and overall system TCO at scale. eInfochips helped the client develop smart water meter solution with technology platform stack spanning device, connectivity, and cloud layers. Client A leading UK based IoT technology solutions provider. Challenge The client wanted to develop and end to end, […]

Medicine Inventory Counting Using Deep Learning

Deep Learning & Computer Vision based Medicine Inventory Monitoring

Executive Summary Automated medicine inventory counting in operating rooms leading to improved operational efficiency of hospital staff and higher supply chain effectiveness eInfochips helped the client in shaping the innovative concept of computer vision-based inventory tracking to a working prototype through cross-functional development and patent research for productization Client US based leading and innovative medication […]

Autonomous Mobile Robot’s (AMR’s) Application in Warehouses

Autonomous Mobile Robot’s (AMR’s) Application in Warehouses With the increasing adoption of Industry 4.0 practices in businesses, automation has become a new normal for many applications like robotics arm, sorting and picking material handling, and conveyor systems. Robotics is one of the key technology advancements in the Industry 4.0 paradigm where it has solved the […]

Top IIoT trends to look for in 2022

Top IIoT trends to look for in 2021

We will discuss how businesses can prepare themselves for the IIoT and how to maximize its potential. Here are the top IIoT trends of 2021 and how they are shaping the future of industries. A mix of Cloud and Edge Computing As emphasized by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), one of the most significant benefits […]

Smart Water Management – Need of the hour for utility sector

Smart Water Management – Need of the hour for utility sector

With the urban areas witnessing a population rise and industries becoming technologically advanced, the need for an insightful approach to leverage and utilize water resources has been burgeoning. Water quality management has gained utmost importance due to increasing pollution levels caused by industrial growth. Hence, it is essential to address smart utilization of water resources, […]

Connected Supply Chain: Creating Competitive Advantage by Leveraging IoT

Connected Supply Chain: Creating Competitive Advantage by Leveraging IoT

The global supply chain has been witnessing tough times for the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic further heightened the difficulty levels for them. The consumer-packaged goods such as groceries and medicines demonstrate densities in the modern supply chain. Meeting the pressure of the growing demands and setting up an effective delivery system, while ensuring […]

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