Connected Supply Chain: Creating Competitive Advantage by Leveraging IoT

Organizations need a cost-effective way to track at scale — not just at the container/trailer level, but at the item level — consistently in real-time. Lack of interoperability and standards make it challenging to track individual items. With the state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) devices, real-time visibility of the goods is possible. A connected IoT ecosystem can help you quickly and objectively identify problems, mitigate losses, manage shipping-related costs, and optimize operations by providing actionable insights and predictive analytics.

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Purva Shah

Purva Shah works as Assistant Product Marketing Manager and focuses on the Digital technology landscape - Cloud, AI/ML, Automation, IoT, Edge Services, Legacy Modernization, Quality Assurance, Mobility, and Application Modernization. She carries 6+ years of experience in Product Positioning, Practice Marketing, Go-To-Market Strategies, and Solution Consulting.