Design and Development of Advanced Chipsets for Mobile Technologies

Design and Development of Advanced Chipsets for Mobile Technologies

Executive Summary As a global leader driving innovations in wireless technology, our client envisioned a new frontier – game-changing 5G chipsets manufactured at 5nm and 3nm process nodes. But unlocking such miniaturized performance presented monumental engineering challenges. Squeezing more transistors into tighter spaces risked overheating, power drain, and efficiency bottlenecks. Achieving optimal power, performance, and […]

FCC and ISED certification process guide for electronics product

FCC and ISED certification process guide for electronics product

Description The objective of this document is to share information and overview related to FCC and ISED certification processes. The information is based on one product example. It may vary depending on the product type and category. Manufacturers that sell electronic devices in the market may be penalized by a certain country if they don’t […]

How to Utilize ARM TrustZone for Securing System Integrity and Confidentiality


Description The ARM TrustZone is a security technology used in ARM-based processors to create a secure environment or a “trusted zone” for executing critical operations. It is a hardware-based security mechanism that enables the isolation of secure and non-secure areas of a device’s memory and peripherals. This whitepaper will explain the architecture of TrustZone, how […]

Enhancing Physical Design STA Confidence: Validating Quality of STA Constraints at Block and Fullchip Level


Description This article delves into the importance and significance of quality constraints at both the Block and FullChip levels using the STA signoff tool’s commands. Effective validation of constraints leads to improved design quality, enhanced performance, and accelerated time-to-market. Project Highlights Importance of Design constraints Techniques and best practices for quality of constraints validation

Crosstalk Effect on Lower Technology Nodes in Complex SOCs Design

Executive Summary Nowadays most of the current System-on-Chip (Soc) circuits used in the semiconductor industry involve blocks with multi-million gates in the design. As we go down the technology node, we see an increase in total transistor count making it challenging to cope with signal integrity. Crosstalk is the phenomenon where there is a charge transfer […]

Low Power Networking ASIC

This was one of the earliest design projects for 16nm geometry for the customer, a global data networking…

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