NETRA (DM816xC6A816x) Custom Hardware Design Services



System on Module based on Netra (DM816x/C6A816x) and Centaurus (DM814X).

eInfochips’ Andromeda is ‘compact form factor’ product development kit combining Texas Instruments’ latest processor families based System on Module (SOM)*, common carrier card, and add-on video module. The BOM Optimized hardware is combined with customizable BSP, middleware libraries & framework, multiple OS support, various IO interface, and sample application to start product design pertaining to different industry verticals requiring high-end video and imaging intensive applications. Product companies can immediately start implementing algorithms, applications, and UI on Andromeda which substantially reduces design cost, efforts and time.

Thus, Andromeda empowers product developers in designing product with:

  • Reduced hardware complexity.
  • Increased customization flexibility.

eInfochips provides custom hardware design and product development services around Andromeda with added advantage of considerably saving on cost and time.

*Supported SOM:eInfochips’ DaVinciTM DM816x & DM814x and C6A816x DSP + ARM SOM


  • Production ready (SOM)
  • Netra SOM (based on TI’s DM816x/C6A816x)
  • Centaurus SOM (based on TI’s DM814X)
  • Compact form factor (75 mm x 37 mm)
  • Processor speeds (ARM up to 1.2GHz and DSP up to 1 GHz) equivalent to PC platform
  • Linux Board support package (BSP)


  • Compact System Developments: Smallest form-factor design
  • Enrich Product Mix: Multiple processor supported
  • Scalability: Pin-compatible Netra / Centaurus SOM
  • Cost Reduction: Nullifies development / NRE cost for low to medium productvolumes
  • Faster time to market: Andromeda – Readily available development systemdesigned around SOM

Application Areas

  • Video Controllers (Machine Vision, Medical Imagining)
  • High End Video processing IP cameras
  • Video Surveillance Recorders
  • Medical Video Recorders
  • Digital Signage
  • Multichannel video Server
  • Video Conferencing
  • Any multimedia applications requiring high-end video processing


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