Jan 2017

Jan 2017

eInfochips brings Auto industry highlights from CES 2017

For 50 years now, CES has been the meeting point for new innovations in consumer technologies that have changed the world, bringing together more than 3,800 exhibiting companies, and 165k attendees from over 150 countries. Prominent business leaders and pioneering thinkers come to this forum to discuss on the newer trends across various technology markets including 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Automotive Trends, Drones, Communication Infrastructure, Robotics, Sensors, Smart Homes and more.

CES 2017 : From vehicle-to-vehicle communication to autonomous vehicles, and intelligent transportation to AI, we have explored the exhibits. Check out the event highlights, from our experience at CES.

Auto Industry Trends @ CES 2017 – Event Summary

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the most bold and innovative ideas. We have covered a lot of brilliant concepts in this blog including connected systems, Voice activation as next touchscreen, Seamless Infotainment, Haptic touch, Hologram-based controls and more… Read More

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication: Let the car message while driving, not you!

eInfochips helps automotive companies develop a complete Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication system, which improves the safety of transportation systems. eInfochips works in designing of the path prediction algorithm, testing of hardware modules, interfacing the required hardware with the embedded platform, scripting for standard message and integration of scripts to form a single software module … Know More

Bringing Internet of Things to Life with ARM Architecture

Semiconductor companies are playing a very crucial role in the development of connected IoT ecosystems. The biggest demand stems from the need for smaller geometries, low power consumption, and high performance chips, which are integral to the field deployment of IoT devices. ARM, a leading semiconductor and software design company, is at the forefront of building a robust and secured IoT platforms for the connected solutions… Read More

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance Systems

This whitepaper discusses the testing of a prototype implementation of a complete vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system, and how road safety can be enhanced by the deployment of wireless communication technologies to activate new services such as collision prediction, traffic management and further communication facilities between nearby moving vehicles. The purpose of the prototype is to prove feasibility of V2V to improve safety of transportation systems.

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