January 2024

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eInfochips participated at CES2024 to unveil High Voltage Battery Management System (HVBMS) reference design in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors

eInfochips @ CES2024

eInfochips teams up with NXP Semiconductors to unveil game-changing High Voltage Battery Management tech at CES2024. The SIL 2 HVBMS reference design is a complete hardware, software, and functional safety package with IEC 61508 and IEC 60730 compliant architecture.
Witness this cutting-edge innovation powering the future in action.

Predictive Analytics Library ( PAL) to Detect Engine Fault detection

What if you could predict costly equipment failures before they occur? eInfochips has developed an AI-based engine that foresees looming issues 95% of the time. Peek inside this whitepaper to uncover the secrets of their Predictive Analytics Library, designed to revolutionize maintenance across aerospace, energy, automotive and other key sectors.

Brochure- High Voltage ESS Reference Development Platform

As energy infrastructure shifts, advanced battery management unlocks storage potential. NXP’s compliant ESS platform handles high-voltage battery health from microgrid to mainframe. Its robust hardware, software and safety framework simplifies complex integration for smarter, safer energy. Read more to discover how NXP enables battery innovations while ensuring safety and standards compliance up to 1500V.


AI is racing to overhaul electric motor design with faster speeds, greater savings, and optimized efficiency. But will these turbo-charged tools stall innovation?

Quantum computers are way faster than regular ones – by millions of times. Their huge speed lets them process data in new ways old computers can’t.

Vehicles now have hundreds of electronic components producing tons of data. Advanced hardware and software like NXP’s S32 and Nvidia’s DRIVE accelerate safe, clean cars with futuristic features like holographic navigation, fingerprint controlling, even brain wave controls.

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