Dec 2016

Dec 2016
Dec 2016
Abhishek Binaykia,Associate Vice President – Marketing

2017 will witness a paradigm change in the way companies approach their offerings and operations. It is the year when IoT will firmly establish a foothold in many facets of our day to day lives, and connected devices will be at the centre of everything we do. And we at eInfochips will play a key role in driving this transformation.

Wishing all of you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Enhance Security and Customer Service with Event-based Video Analytics

eInfochips has been working in the retail industry for more than a decade, providing a variety of cutting edge solutions that will help retail stores to manage security with ease. Analytics that will help you to enhance the insights on customer’s in-store behaviour and providing a truly connected in-store ecosystem for retail companies… Read More

Moving Video Surveillance to the Cloud

eInfochips offers a complete VMS as a SaaS offering, including a fully federated architecture, billing management & tenant management – based on a private, public or hybrid cloud architecture. This makes it extremely cost-effective and efficient for our customers to deploy state of the art end-to-end VMS systems… Learn More

How DevOps Drives Business in Product Engineering Services

In 2016, the DevOps movement has steadily gained momentum leading to massive acceptance by small tech start-ups as well as mainstream organizations. According to a 2016 survey, a record 74% technology professionals said that they were considering DevOps adoption this year, which is 8% more than 2015. Soon a DevOps-based environment will become a necessity in the world of connected devices and IoT as the amount of devices and the data they generate increases… Know More

DevOps in IT versus DevOps in Internet-of-Things

In DevOps environment, when it comes to product engineering, the physical component and existing legacy systems add an extra layer of complexity to the overall automation process. In this blog, we will discuss on the key differences between DevOps in IoT companies and pure play IT, and the specific challenges that teams working in “IoT and connected devices” are trying to address to achieve a smooth transition to DevOps methodology… Read More

Taking Advantage of ARM's Architecture in Enterprise Embedded Applications

The new ARM® Cortex®-R52, company’s first ARMv8-R, has created a whole new performance benchmark in the industry with support for strong features such as virtualization, memory protection, responsiveness, scalability, extensibility and context-switching. This is used across demanding environments, including self-driving vehicles, IoT and safety-critical applications… Know More

Implementing OPC | The Interoperability Protocol for Embedded Automation, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things

OPC is a software interface interoperability standard that allows secure and reliable exchange of data between Windows programs and industrial hardware devices. It is platform-independent and ensures the continuous flow of information across multiple vendor devices. eInfochips has successfully customized an OPC classic server for one of our clients in Building Integration Systems (BIS)… Learn More

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