August 2022

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Brochure - Aerospace Engineering Services, Aircraft Health Monitoring, Al Role in Aerospace Industry, Modern Security Challenges for Aviation, and more...

Brochure – Aerospace Engineering Services

Aerospace is one of the largest industrial sub-sector in the global economy and has huge potential for innovation. No doubt companies are now seeking new ways to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. In this brochure, you will learn more about eInfochips engineering services which are compliant with DO-254, DO-178B/C, DO-160, and ARP4754 guidelines.

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Importance of Health Monitoring System for Aircraft

The Aircraft Health Management (AHM) system is a complex system that incorporates various core technologies like fault diagnostics systems, artificial intelligence, and high-speed communication. As the AHM market is expected to cross $5 billion by 2023, it is important to understand its role in aircraft health monitoring.

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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the Aerospace Industry

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the Aerospace Industry

Today the aerospace industry is facing many challenges as it’s a highly mission-critical market, and its success largely depends on components that need to be reliable and accurate. Learn how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are helping companies streamline manufacturing while simultaneously addressing safety concerns.

Case Studies

DO-178 Compliance and Verification for an Air-Ground Communication System

Understand how eInfochips, An Arrow Company took complete ownership of the Air-Ground Communication System Verification for leading avionics equipment, system design, and manufacturing company which later helped enable 40x faster operational & maintenance time.

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Advanced Video Analytics for a Large Aerospace and Defense Company

Learn how eInfochips helped a large state-owned aerospace and defense company set up a modern security solution involving the installation of Video Management Software (VMS) with Advanced Video Analytics which was targeted towards the reduction of human errors by automating the security and surveillance use cases.

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