Advanced Video Analytics for a Large Aerospace and Defense Company

Executive Summary

A large state-owned aerospace and defense company had undertaken a system integration project, involving installation of Video Management Software (VMS) with advanced video analytics to set up a modern security solution. The primary objective was to cover most of the security and surveillance use cases to prevent on-premise as well as crowd behavior-related security incidences. Another objective of implementing video analytics was to ensure effective traffic monitoring and management. The solution was required to send event-based triggers for multiple incidences based on the facial recognition, object detection, traffic management, and behavior analysis.

eInfochips was one of the six bidders for this large multi-location video analytics solution deployment. eInfochips’ team of engineers successfully completed the VMS installation project with high accuracy and quality, tackling stringent delivery schedule and multiple technical challenges. eInfochips’ solution leveraged OpenCV library along with MobileNet, YOLO, TenserFlow, etc. Since the basic platform was built in-house, eInfochips could focus completely on overcoming technical challenges of delivering of a highly-effective Video Analytics solution, integrated with the home-grown VMS. The client benefited largely because of reduction in costs owing to reduction of manual work and security lapses thereof.

Project Highlights

Advanced Video Analytics for a Large Aerospace and Defense Company
  • Large number of use cases in terms of security features and scenarios
  • License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Object Tracking, Vehicle Data Gathering & Behavior Analysis
  • Integration with video management software
  • Multiple machine learning classification algorithms
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