DO-254 ASIC/FPGA/Board Design

ASIC/FPGA/Board Design, Development and Verification for DO-254 compliant systems based on size, intricacy and design assurance levels


eInfochips can assist clients with DO-254 requirements and offer cost effective solution as per the changing forefront of the avionics industry. We can provide full turnkey development and verification solutions, as well as reverse engineering, test rig design and development to support full system integration.

eInfochips DO-254 and FAA/EASA Support Expertise

DO-254 ASIC/FPGA/Board Design

Experience with Creating Design Justification Documentation

  • Proven Expertise with Directed Verification Approaches and Constrained Random Verification approaches using Advanced Verification Methodologies like System Verilog and OVM for CEH
  • Re-usable Design and Verification Architectures for our customers for future re-use
  • Experience working with COTS IP (Soft and Hard) and meeting COTS Objectives for DAL A CEH

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