Importance of Cloud Computing for Large Scale IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) generate a huge amount of data or big data. Managing the flow and storage of this data is a tedious task for enterprises. Cloud computing with its different models and implementation platforms help companies to manage and analyze this data, enhancing the overall efficiency and working of IoT system. DLM, AEP, and Digital Twins are some of the solutions better leveraged through cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Read on to learn more.

Importance of Cloud Computing for Large Scale IoT Solutions

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Mohit Bhardwaj

Mohit Bhardwaj is a Digital Marketing Executive at eInfochips. Prior to joining eInfochips, Mohit completed his B.E. in Electronics from MIT, Pune. In his spare time, Mohit is interested in sketching and exploring new strategies in Digital Marketing Field.