AWS Migration for a Smart Agri IoT Solution

Executive Summary

The client is a billion-dollar player in the electronics domain and also provides smart agri IoT solutions. The client had built an IoT platform for effective utilization of renewable energy by connecting a set of sensors on the field that operate and monitor water pumps. This platform helped the client achieve crop productivity improvement by leveraging clean energy, efficient water supply through pump control and also helped in farmland monitoring by leveraging data collected through sensors. The platform also provided information services to farmers, researchers and agricultural institutes via an easy-to-use interface and APIs. However, the IoT platform architecture was not robust enough to handle the high volume of data and was incurring high infrastructure and operational costs. Hence, the client was looking to upgrade the IoT platform architecture. eInfochips as a technology and solution partner assessed the current architecture and enabled entire IoT platform migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services), utilizing various AWS services. The cloud-native design enabled a future-ready agri-IoT platform and also reduced their operational and infrastructure costs.

Project Highlights

AWS Migration for a Smart Agri IoT Solution
  • AWS migration
  • Future-ready IoT platform
  • Cloud native design
  • Reduced operational costs
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