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February 15, 2022

AI/ML in Vision System for Surgical Support -Use Cases

Surgery and AI Throughout the years, we have seen many examples where surgeons seem skeptical

January 13, 2022

Digital Dermatoscopes – Redefining Skin Imaging Diagnosis with Advanced Imaging & Connectivity

WHO estimates that out of three cancers diagnosed, one is skin cancer. Further, it is

November 29, 2021

AI-Driven Hearing Aids Leveling up the Hearing Experience

The fundamental function of a hearing aid is to provide optimal and comfortable speech quality

November 17, 2021

AIoT in Smart Water Management

Effective water management, conservation, and equitable access to water are key to sustainable development across the globe. Governments and regulatory authorities worldwide have defined action plans for achieving UN’s collective sustainable development goal 6 (SDG6) – ensuring water and sanitation for all. It covers systems for smart metering, equipment monitoring for distribution, purification, heating, and cooling. Digital technologies like IoT, AI/ML, Cloud, and mobility are seen as key enablers in designing and monitoring the systems for achieving this goal.

October 15, 2021

Building Intelligent Audio Systems- Audio Feature Extraction using Machine Learning

Given the recent trends in machine learning and deep learning, we have tried to give a high-level overview of how digital signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms can go hand-in-hand to categorize or draw inferences from audio signals. Audio-specific neural network models can also be built using signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning (neural networks) algorithms. In this blog will see how to build Intelligent Audio Systems, Audio Feature Extraction using Machine Learning.

October 7, 2021

ML in Action – Managing Machine Learning Inference

Data scientists train the AI/ML models for computer vision and Natural language processing (NLP) problems

September 5, 2021

Digital Technologies in Medical Imaging – Enhancing Diagnosis and Prognosis Accuracy

The future of medical imaging: beyond CT scans The traditional medical imaging systems primarily include

August 10, 2021

Key Innovations in Hearing Aids – Beyond Audio Amplification and Personalized User Experience

With the rising demand for efficient and well-connected hearing aid devices, Markets and Markets has

July 24, 2021

Hyperautomation in Supply Chain: A Combination of AI, RPA, and Cognitive Analytics

Hyperautomation is ranked by Gartner as one of the 8 leading developments in supply chain


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