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Edge Labs Services – Brochure

Brochure – eInfochips, Arrow Electronics and Qualcomm Technologies have expanded their strategic collaboration with the establishment of “Edge Labs” – a Center of Excellence…

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eInfochips PES

Training and Deployment of DL Model Using Simulated Data

Simulated data is increasingly popular for training and deploying deep learning models. Advances in simulation technology enable generating realistic synthetic data for applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and computer vision. Although simulated data is cost-effective and efficient, deploying models in the real world requires careful consideration of transferability and generalization.

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eInfochips PES

AMR Navigation Using Isaac ROS VSLAM and Nvblox with Intel Realsense Camera

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) navigation relies heavily on visual SLAM, which stands for visual simultaneous localization and mapping. This technique uses a camera to estimate the robot’s position while simultaneously creating a map of the environment. Visual SLAM is crucial for Mars exploration devices, unmanned robots, endoscopy, and vacuum cleaning.

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Nilesh Khairnar

Understanding DO-178C Certification Artifacts and Software Life Cycle Data Items for Various DALs

DO-178C is a critical document for software developers involved in the certification of airborne systems and equipment. However, understanding the software life cycle data or artifacts required for certification can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we will explain the minimum software life cycle data required for submission to the certification authority, along with any additional data items that may be requested.

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Priyanka Jadav

Clipper Malware: What Is It and How Does It Impact Android Users?

Clipper malware is a type of malware that steals information from a victim’s clipboard, allowing cyber attackers to gain access to their target environments. The malware steals Bitcoin by modifying the victim’s clipboard activity and substituting the destination wallet with the attacker’s. To enhance security, always follow the given ten steps in the blog below.

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