Verification Software with Lauterbach Debugger

Executive Summary

TRACE32 is a powerful set of microprocessor development tools from Lauterbach GmbH. Modular hardware and software solutions support over sixty processor architectures. The TRACE32 PowerView integrated development environment provides intuitive, consistent, and quick access to debug and trace information.

Advanced debugging features, profiling, support for multi-core and multi-CPU systems, and support for virtually any Real Time Operating System (RTOS) make it easy to analyze system performance and ensure the quality of embedded designs. To ensure compatibility with embedded system debug ports, Lauterbach’s PowerDebug intelligent debug probes support all current on-chip debug standards including Joint Test Action Group (JTAG).

Project Highlights

  • Introduction of Lauterbach (TRACE32)
  • Basic Features/Usage of the Trace32
  • Prerequisites before Verification with Lauterbach
  • Verification With Lauterbach (TRACE32)
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