​​​Cracking the Code: Mobile App Reverse Engineering for Robust Security Testing​

​​​Cracking the Code: Mobile App Reverse Engineering for Robust Security Testing​

In the dynamic world of mobile applications, developers strive to create innovative and secure solutions to meet users’ needs. However, behind every sleek interface lies a complex network of code that defines its functionality and security measures. Mobile app reverse engineering is a process that peels the layers of an application to reveal its inner […]

UX Design For Geomatics Mobile Application

Executive Summary Created intuitive, user centric interface design for geomatics mobile application for rugged operating environment, UX/ UI design for constrained usage (noisy, dusty environment) and user (wearing thick gloves)Designed and developed mobile application for 3D distance measurement, workflow management for imaging and photogrammetry. Client An EU based leader in geomatics technology. Project Highlights Challenge […]

Healthcare Mobile App Development


Executive Summary Created mobile app for patients for securely monitoring treatment adherence and appropriate use of medical deviceDeveloped secure native mobile applications on Android 9/10 and iOS 12/13 using respective platform specific application development SDKs, IDEs Client Leading global pharmaceutical company Challenge The client needed to develop intuitive, simple and secured mobile application for scheduled […]

A Guide to Creating an Engaging UI/UX for Web and Mobile Application

A guide to creating an engaging UI/UX for web and mobile application

UI/UX design process There isn’t a standard process to follow by the UX or product team that determines an engaging experience. Everything starting from the product type, industry, user persona, and interface to the internal processes vary to define the UX process. Ideally, the process should have three broad phases as mentioned below: 1. BRAINSTORM […]

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Framework for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

choosing the right mobile app development framework for enterprise mobility solutions

As the mobile app development market is growing at a rate of CAGR 14%, meeting user expectations in terms of implementing voice interfaces, biometric authentication methods, natural language user interfaces, and code portability become crucial to sustaining your edge. The mobile app development ecosystem has standard features and shared patterns with different use cases that can […]

Chatbots in Healthcare: Innovative and Improved Patient Experience

Chatbots in Healthcare: Innovative and Improved Patient Experience

Global outbreak of COVID-19 has compelled all industrial sectors to rethink their ways of customer engagement when physical engagement is off the mark. As a major chunk of employees work from home, it leaves them with little time to answer the huge rush of common queries from customers. Intelligent chatbots have been in the market […]

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