Digitizing Data Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Digitizing Data Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Digitization can be implemented by converting the existing printed/typed data/documents into a digital format that is readable by the computer. Digital transformation creates greater processing efficiency and fewer risks of errors. It presents an opportunity to digitize business processes. The main objective of this article is to provide information regarding the digitization of data which […]

Enabling Smart Scrolling using Eye Tracking Technology

Enabling Smart Scrolling using Eye Tracking Technology

The intention of writing this article is to shed more light on the concept of innovation in technology. The objective here is to express an idea for a feature called “Smart Scrolling” based on eye tracking mechanism. This can be achieved using an invisible near-infrared light and high definition camera or specially designed optical sensors with an advance algorithms used to determine the exact position of the eye at a given point of time.

Role of Digital Payments in living through COVID-19 pandemic

Role of Digital Payments in living through COVID-19 pandemic

As an effect of COVID-19, the adoption of digital payment is increasing across users. The digital payment platforms are witnessing all of a sudden sharp jump in the number of users as a cash transaction volumes decline across many countries. As per Statista estimate, total transactions through digital payments will reach US$4, 406, 413m in the year […]

Tableau vs QlikView: A Detailed Overview

Tableau vs Qlikview

Modern BI and analytics platforms offer the entire data lifecycle right from data acquisition, preparation, visualization, and insight generation.  User focus has now changed from self-service reporting and faster performance to augmented analytics that includes natural language processing to query data and generate explanations.  Tableau and QlikView are two such modern BI and analytics platforms […]

A Detailed look at Microstrategy vs PowerBI

A detailed look at Microstrategy vs PowerBI

The world of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics is changing rapidly as users change the manner in which they interact with systems to generate graphs and visualizations like using natural language queries, voice or conversational analytics.  There are a number of BI tools and platforms available in the market like Tableau, Qlikview, SAS, Looker etc.  […]

Shift Left Testing: What it is, How it Works and Benefits

Organizations put customers at the center of their digital transformation strategy today. They want to provide a superior digital experience to the customer and use this as a market differentiator. However, organizations face the challenge of providing enhanced digital experience to the customer with greater agility at controlled costs and reduced risks.  Product quality plays […]

Addressing the Common Challenges in Voice-First Testing through Automation

Many products of daily use now have not only become smarter, but also have integration for voice-first applications. Each device that connects to a voice first application requires a custom skill that enables the interaction between the device and the user. These skills have to be tested thoroughly and perfected to give appropriate responses. This blog focuses on addressing common challenges faced by testers while testing with voice-first devices.

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