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8+ Years of Engagement with Schneider Electric

Dedicated High Power Center of Excellence

Device to Digital Solutions for Building Automation, Fire & Security

Schneider Electric is a multinational corporation specializing in energy management and automation solutions. It offers products and services for various sectors including industry, infrastructure, data centers, and residential buildings. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, it aims to provide efficient and sustainable energy solutions globally.

eInfochips (An Arrow Company) is a Device to Digital engineering company catering to High Power Solutions,  Building Automation, Fire & Safety, Connected Ecosystems and Security for energy management. eInfochips considers Schneider Electric as a potential partner for innovating and developing smart, sustainable energy solutions.

Key Service Offerings

Industrial Automation
Smart Buildings
Connected Solutions
Fire & Safety

How we can help Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s Focus Areas & eInfochips Relevant Capabilities

Energy Management

  • Hardware/Firmware
  • Value engineering
  • Energy Grid Solutions
  • Re-engineering / EOL management
  • Smart meters with AI/ML capabilities
  • Advanced Energy Storage Systems
  • Compliance & Testing
  • Conversational AI for energy & sustainability

Building/Home Automation

  • Building management systems
  • Gateway design & development
  • Protocol integration & testing
  • Occupancy based systems
  • Lighting control & automation
  • Predictive Analytics & Condition based maintenance

Industrial Automation

  • Digital Twins
  • IoT Edge Gateways/ Frameworks
  • Connectivity Enablement
  • Industrial IoT platform as a service
  • PLC & SCADA Systems
  • Industrial Fire & Safety Solutions
  • System integration

Digital Transformation

  • Cybersecurity
  • Video Analytics
  • AR/VR Solutions
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Sensor to cloud digitization
  • Mobile and Web Application
  • Data Analytics and AI/ML Solutions
  • Smart Grid Solutions

Why eInfochips as the Preferred Industrial Partner?

Silicon to Software Capabilities

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Best-in-the-world hardware-software integration expertise to cater to evolving industrial landscape – IoT Enabled Devices, Cybersecurity, Digital Cloud

State of the art Infrastructure

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Well established infrastructure & ecosystem. Dedicated High-Power CoE for advance electrification and sustainability

Strong Communication Expertise

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Strong industrial communication protocol expertise – BACnet, Modbus, INTERBUS, OPC, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Ethernet

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

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Extensive partnership network across the value chain from device (Qualcomm, NXP, TI, Intel, Nvidia) to digital (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, and Tricentis)

In-House Accelerators & IPs

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Proven Solution accelerators – EIC Propel is an Azure based industrial IoT platform that enables quick device on-boarding, provisioning, and rapid prototyping of IoT solutions.

Key Customer Engagements

Cloud Based Remote Monitoring of Smart Meter

A Fortune 100 player in the energy domain​

  • IoT, Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics
  • Real time monitoring of water & gas meters
  • Intelligent reporting based on location and time
  • Over 64K smart meters deployed and managed
  • Over $2M in energy savings

EV Charging Platform Development

US based leading provider of solar, storage, and energy management technology

  • EV charging platform development, Microservices, Remote monitoring, Testing
  • Device to cloud connectivity application, Remote monitoring of charger along with dashboards
  • Integration with HEMS (home energy management system) for efficient charging, schedule management

Integrated BMS Development for Energy Storage Systems

US based leading manufacturer of industrial battery systems

  • Development of Firmware, BMS Algorithms, Features and Web Apps
  • Common BMS hardware & firmware architecture for ESS and industrial use case
  • BMS algorithms for SoC/health/energy and cell balancing etc.
  • FreeeRTOS FW development & integration for TI & NXP controller
  • Web App for multi-site Energy Management System (UI, features, QA/test automation)

Alexa Integration with Smart Solar Products

US based leading provider of solar, storage, and energy management technology​

  • Integrating solar products with Amazon Alexa devices using conversational monitoring and control enabled a superior user experience.​
  • Complete monitoring and control of smart solar products spanning 25+ commands.
  • Paves the way for future integrations with smart devices like Siri and Google Nest.​

Industrial Clients

Commitment from eInfochips Leadership Team

Dharam Sheoran

Chief Customer Officer
“With a keen understanding of the technologies being utilized and implemented by Schneider Electric, as well as several strategic partnerships with technology leaders, eInfochips is well positioned to support Schneider Electric in their Digital and Electrification journey. We are happy to ensure that we not only address the short-term needs of Schneider electric, but we are committed to long-term vision of Schneider Electric keeping sustainability at the core of everything”

Gaurav Patel

VP & GM Product Engineering Services
“We can support Schneider Electric on various projects and in a variety of disciplines. I am confident we can meet Schneider Electric’s focus on All-Digital, All-Electric world through end point cloud connecting products, controls, software and services. We also would love to be your trusted partner in building a resilient and sustainable world.”

Sumit Sethi

Chief Operations Officer
Our commitment to Schneider Electric remains focused on leveraging our partnerships and positioning our differentiated services and solutions to help Schneider speed their time to market. We will continue to build out a team that inherently understands and addresses the critical digital transformation needs for Schneider Electric. We have done this over the past several years and will continue to deliver on this commitment.

Vibhor Kapoor

Business Head
“With sharp focus and proven credentials in platform engineering capabilities and innovation, I am confident that we can contribute significantly to Schneider Electric’s vision for the Grids, Buildings, Data Centers and Infrastructure of the future”

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High-Voltage ESS Reference Development Platform from eInfochips

High-Voltage ESS Reference Development Platform from eInfochips Download Brochure Electrification is not just about electrifying

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