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Executive Summary

The client was challenged with flattening margins and increased demand for energy optimization across the value chain. To perform large scale energy management and to take quick actions on energy loss at any link, the client required an extensive data capture, aggregation and analysis capabilities. This is despite optimizing the existing cost structure and timelines.

eInfochips designed an end-to-end framework, augmenting the current metering endpoints to capture extensive set of data, adding real-time dashboarding and the scalability of cloud.The extended solution also offered a means for consumers to monitor/control the energy usage from Android/iOS handhelds.

The client benefited with effective user, energy and device data monitoring ensuring smoother operations and creating a parallel revenue opportunity for the client, adding the power of data insights to strategic decisions and revenue models.

Project Highlights

    • Demand-Response Awareness
    • Web App for iOS/Android
    • Zigbee/WiFi Home Gateway
    • Smart Meter Ready
    • Analytics Based Control
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