Wireless Charging Technology of the Future and Its Applications

The days of charging your electrical gadgets through cables and cords are passé. It’s been more than a century that the wireless charging technology has become popular. The magnetic resonant coupling, invented by Tesla, permits the energy to be sent over the air via two circuits ̶ a transmitter and a receiver. This technique was not used in the real world for about hundred years. However, there are numerous wireless charging methods available today that reduce the need for cords on everything from mobile phones to wearable smart gadgets, laptops, household appliances, and automobiles

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Chintan Raval

Chintan Raval works as Assistant Product and Practice Marketing Manager and focuses on the Semiconductor and Aerospace domain at eInfochips. He holds a PGDM in Marketing and a Master’s degree in VLSI and Embedded Systems. He carries 5+ years of experience in Product Management and GO-TO-Market Strategy experience.

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