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Wearable Devices need not be handicapped by OS fragmentation

Wearable Devices need not be handicapped by OS fragmentation

Wearable devices continue to expand into the market through huge investments from cash-rich VCs such as Legend Capital, and with development assistance from resource-rich vendors such as Google, Intel and Baidu. Recent big bets include $43 million in financing for wearable device company FitBit, Legend Capital funding of Zepp Lab, and an undisclosed investment by Intel in ski glass pioneer Recon. On the development side, Intel has started a New Device group led by a designer who worked on the popular Nike FuelBand, and Baidu has launched a site featuring wearable devices using its mobile operating system Baidu Cloud.

If you have been planning to build a wearable device but not sure about the whole outcome, its time you started talking wearable’s seriously. Organizations across the globe have already started accepting wearable devices as personal identification devices that could not only be used for authenticating but also for monitoring. Nike has added 3 more countries namely France, Germany and Japan to its fuel band market. According to one of the customers on twitter, the pre-order for the fuel bands closed out after exactly 4 minutes. About 8.3 million wearable devices were sold in the year 2012 which might not look huge in terms of number, but in 2011 only a third of these devices were sold. According to juniper research industry sales for wearable devices is expected to touch $19 billion by 2018. A very large percentage of wearable devices are going to be geared towards the health and wellness industry.

Even today a large percentage of wearable devices are coupled with a single or a few models of smart phones and configured in a manner that the phones handle much of the processing part.Organizations are bound to have issues with wearable devices starting from hardware capability to technical expertise. Some of the common problems faced include durability of hardware, gaps in skills and experience, sustenance of existing products, porting and compliance to platform and regulatory standards. When it comes to android as a platform for wearable devices, one of the biggest issues that organizations face is OS Fragmentation. There are n versions of the operating system and multiple number of devices working on each of these versions. You will need to test the application on ~399 devices to ensure 90% coverage of the market. When this is combined with 21000+ test cases for compliance, the odds are pretty high that your QA cycle will go for an extended period of hibernation.

eInfochips has developed one of a kind test automation tool, AQuATestBorg for testing wearable devices for android compliance. This not only reduces QA cycle time but also saves unnecessary efforts of developers that could otherwise be used for critical tasks and bug fixes. With Scriptless Test Automation and Insightful Reporting, the tool is able to reduce overall QA effort by 35% and shorten debug cycle by 25%. The Unified Platform Approach of the tool aids in testing out real-life user scenarios effectively. With in-depth expertise in Android, Semiconductor, Communication and IoT (Internet of things) coming together for wearable devices, we will keep delivering products that captures your imagination.

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eInfochips is a Product and Semiconductor Design Solutions company with the infrastructure, processes, expertise and experience to deliver turnkey technology solutions from global offshore centers for industries like Aerospace & Defense, Security & Surveillance, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Media & Broadcast, Retail and Software.

eInfochips expertise has been recognized by reputed agencies like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, NASSCOM and Zinnov. Today, over 1000 professionals deliver turnkey projects from 10 design centers across India and USA, for top-notch global product companies. The company has sales offices in USA, Canada, Japan, UK and India.

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