Image Control Device for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Executive Summary A pioneering US healthcare company is revolutionizing minimally invasive surgery with groundbreaking disposable imaging technology. Their disruptive innovation aims to replace outdated intraoperative visualization methods, accelerating the adoption of minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. To enhance surgical outcomes while minimizing disruption, the client sought an image control device that delivers superior visualization with […]

AI Driven Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) Platform for Connected ICUs

Executive Summary Our European client, a global pharma and life sciences leader, is revolutionizing healthcare with an innovative ICU solution. The product empowers bedside practitioners with real-time disease predictions, recommendations, and alerts for early recognition of critical conditions. By integrating vital parameters, imaging, lab reports, and diagnostic devices, the unified digital platform enables timely care […]

Interactive Display for Smart Operation Room System

Executive Summary The client is a US-based technology company that builds digital solutions and intelligent systems for healthcare service providers to enable better patient care, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. The customer was looking for an expert team to modernize the management of a surgical procedure and develop an intelligent system for interaction inside […]

Augmented Reality – The Future of Medical Surgery

Technology has always been transforming every aspect of human lives and healthcare. Proper implementation of technologies can improve the functioning of healthcare organizations. Advanced technologies like augmented and virtual reality are rapidly changing our way of living.

How connected medical devices could make healthcare services more efficient and effective

Several companies have begun to implement IoT technologies and weave connectivity into medical devices which has been assisting both physicians and patients for a while. Markets and Markets has predicted that the medical device connectivity market is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 24.4%. According to its applications, connected […]

RPA in Healthcare- Use Cases and Benefits

This is the 2nd blog in RPA in Healthcare Series, in the 1st blog we have discussed How RPA is Changing the Healthcare Industry and in this blog, we will see the use cases and benefits of RPA in Healthcare. According to Gartner, “50% of US healthcare providers will invest in RPA in the next three […]

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