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Towards a Green Future with eInfochips

Towards a Green Future with eInfochips

My daily walk routine includes enjoying a brisk walk at Vastrapur Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, listening to music on my iPod and burning excessive calories. Apart from this, I also regularly perform breathing exercises but the best part of my daily walk routine is the opportunity to inhale some clean, fresh air during the wee hours of the morning.

It goes without saying that my daily walk routine couldn’t have been complete without reflections on the surrounding greenery and environment. I believe that nature itself helps us remain healthy, and more efficient in our daily chores. I equate good health as a blessing from nature itself.

My thoughts about nature and its importance also made me guilty since we ourselves are responsible in destroying the very nature that sustains us.

Our concrete apartments now lie smack dab in the middle of urbanizing colonies. New residential complexes and factories have grown in the place of green surroundings and hence we ourselves are responsible for overwhelming pollution issues, and widespread diseases.

My thoughts in relation to nature preservation made me ponder intensively. Natural greens, trees and gardens makes happier and long for a greener future.

It struck me that it is up to us technocrats to preserve nature in all ways possible, just as we nurture our tech products and projects.

I shared my thoughts with Sudhir Naik, Girish and Paramita and I was glad to know that they themselves were planning a community tree plantation event on behalf of eInfochips to support the preservation of Mother Earth.  The event was part of one of the core values of eInfochips which mentions our efforts to serve society. I decided to contribute my time for the event. For me, tree plantation is not just a task, but a sensible mission which eInfochips has initiated to contribute to a greener future.  Every Chipmate planted one sapling in the spirit of preserving environment on 26th September 2015. Those trees that we planted are now part of our family, the eInfochips Family!

Now I have profound memories when I resume my morning walk every day and enough inspiration to implement and act my bit for a greener society…

View More at : eInfochips Tree Plantation Drive 2015 : Facebook

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