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Top 6 Emerging Trends in Home Automation

Top 6 Emerging Trends in Home Automation

Not very long ago the very idea of home automation was conceivable only as far as programmable thermostats which regulate the ambient temperature for HVAC systems, or security buzzer alarms that go off after detecting intrusions and/or power circuit failures.

However, if recently unfolding trends in smart homes are to be examined, home-owners are set to experience a whole new standard of luxury, comfort, convenience and safety in their home gadgets. Top appliance makers like Samsung, Haier, LG, Sony and Ericsson have already entered the home automation space because of its sheer potential and promise. Some of these trends are as follows:

  1. Very soon, the use of home automation devices to monitor and minimize energy consumption will become a common trend. Smart kitchen tools with temperature sensors, for example, can help in cooking food with less fuel. Smart electrical devices can automatically be switched off whenever they fail to detect human presence in the room for a predefined time duration.
  2. Using smartphones, tablets, or iPads as home automation interfaces will become very common and pervasive as mobile apps can help control wall switches and touch screens. Future applications would also include advanced features such as educational displays and parental locks. This would find steady adoption in home renovation projects.
  3. We will witness an increase of TCP/IP Internet connection-based support for all common home appliances.
  4. Use of high quality IP cameras will boost professional security standards. One can expect 4K and 8K cameras to survey empty homes with smart sensors barring intruder entry.
  5. Builders are working to deliver “home automation” options as a means to increase customer satisfaction as well as providing luxurious options at a premium.
  6. The demand for qualified home automation specialists will soon be on the rise owing to widespread implementation of these solutions. Instead of dealing with carpenters and electricians, you might first want to call a qualified home automation expert.

eInfochips offers expertise in sensor integration, wireless connectivity and Android from consumer devices and drives the cross-enablement and interoperability needed to create the next generation home and office automation solutions. Our technology has been deployed across over 1 million homes in the US.

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