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April 2, 2024

Azure Health Data Services for Healthcare Solutions

Azure Health Data Services: Securely connects, stores, and analyzes health data (FHIR and DICOM ), and helps to create secure, scalable, and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

September 13, 2022

Augmented Reality – The Future of Medical Surgery

Technology has always been transforming every aspect of human lives and healthcare. Proper implementation of technologies can improve the functioning of healthcare organizations. Advanced technologies like augmented and virtual reality are rapidly changing our way of living.

August 31, 2022

How connected medical devices could make healthcare services more efficient and effective

Several companies have begun to implement IoT technologies and weave connectivity into medical devices which

August 31, 2022

RPA in Healthcare- Use Cases and Benefits

This is the 2nd blog in RPA in Healthcare Series, in the 1st blog we

July 27, 2022

RPA in Healthcare- How RPA is Changing the Healthcare Industry

This is the 1st blog in RPA in Healthcare Series, in this blog, we will

May 16, 2022

Digital Health Cloud Platform – Ecosystem View, Integration Touchpoints, and Key Considerations

The healthcare delivery teams are adopting new ways of offering accessible and affordable care due

February 25, 2022

mHealth Apps – Transforming Healthcare Outcomes for Patients and Practitioners

Digital transformation is changing the healthcare sector rapidly – from early diagnosis of critical disease

February 15, 2022

AI/ML in Vision System for Surgical Support -Use Cases

Surgery and AI Throughout the years, we have seen many examples where surgeons seem skeptical

January 13, 2022

Digital Dermatoscopes – Redefining Skin Imaging Diagnosis with Advanced Imaging & Connectivity

WHO estimates that out of three cancers diagnosed, one is skin cancer. Further, it is


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