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6 Key Video Analytics for Smart Event Management

Managing and organizing an event at a massive scale is a highly challenging task. Even the smallest errors can jeopardise the entire event. In such cases, using video analytics and cloud based video management software (VMS) can help in effectively managing an event by not only providing insights, but also automating critical processes.

Every major city around the world hosts massive events from time to time. Organizing and managing such events can be a very tedious task. To get each activity in order, and to perform it smoothly requires herculean efforts, because each of these events attract a large number of audience. Such events can also attract criminal activities, so it becomes a major challenge for event management companies to secure the premises. It require a Cloud based VMS solutions that can not only enable remote video surveillance, but also provide real time alerts and insights.

The organizing team is expected to do a threat and risk assessment before the event, in order to make necessary arrangements. It enables them to identify possible risks and prepare for worst case scenarios.

So how do we secure an event with a VMS system?

Once the layout of the area is confirmed, the next activity is to prepare a plan on how to secure the venue. High profile events require a high-tech video security solution, right from the vicinity of the venue to the entrance, queues, stage/s, audience areas, backstage area, parking etc. The challenge lies in installing a re-deployable VMS solutions for the same. Re-deployable equipment enables faster deployment and quick dismount.

A variety of IP cameras are required in monitoring live events. All these IP camera systems can be linked with connected devices like smoke sensors, metal detectors, speakers, emergency alarms, GPS devices etc. to generate real time video analytics data.

The most sought after  video analytics in a cloud video surveillance solution for live events will be face recognition, people counting, queue management, intrusion detection to barred sections of the venue, trespassing & tailgating alerts, auto steering, line crossing, camera tampering, suspicious activity/object detection.

Let us understand the need for video analytics from the journey of a visitor to the event:

  • At the parking- License Plate Recognition (LPR): Video analytics can be incorporated in a parking lot for smooth parking of vehicles and to identify suspicious vehicles. The vehicle is stopped in the vicinity of the camera, while the camera captures the license plate. The captured image is then segmented into optically recognizable characters and the alphanumeric value is extracted from it. The alphanumeric value is then stored and matched against a database and if a match is detected, the parking manager is alerted instantly. The camera angle and the lighting in the area are important factors in LPR.
  • At the gates- Queue Management: To gain access through the gates, attendees generally have to wait in long queues. This increases wait time and can result in fatigue or other illnesses. To avoid larger queues, analytics such as queue management can be implemented, which enables the user to set a threshold on each camera monitoring the queue to avoid larger queues. Once the threshold point is reached, an alert is sent to the admin, who can proceed by diverting attendees to another gate where there is less traffic which will help attendees to obtain easy access to the venue.
  • Security check & ticket scanning- Connected devices: Connected devices like access control devices that scan the tickets or passes before gaining entry allows the user to document details of the attendee. Metal detectors can alert security on detecting any kind of contraband. A camera mounted at the security check can also capture an image, and based on face recognition algorithms, can identify previous offenders and criminals, and can stop them from entering the venue.
  • Protecting Boundaries- Intrusion Detection: Barriers are installed to mark the boundary of the venue or to stop attendees from entering restricted area. When a fixed camera or an independent sensor with intrusion detection capability identifies an intruder, it can automatically hand over tracking to PTZ cameras in the same vicinity. The PTZ camera zooms in on the suspected intruder and automatically tracks their movement, even while generating alert to the system.
  • Inside the venue- Tower cam surveillance & incident response: Once inside the venue, the tower cams continuously scan the entire venue and the user will be able to pick up any unwanted activity or situation and diffuse it. Tower cams can also be set up on portable towers, which are easier to install. Body worn cameras can relay any footage of verbal banter between the attendees and security team.
  • Crowd Control- People Counting: People counting algorithms can help track how many attendees are present at the venue and how to smartly utilize your task force to manage the crowd and deploy task forces in the right places.

Face recognition algorithm detects and recognizes faces that appear in a camera’s field of view and verifies it against templates present in a database. Various classifier and recognition models can be built into the system to accurately detect and recognize faces.

These analytics data can be used to better manage the events and will help in improving security measures and business processes. The re-deployable and cloud based infrastructure makes the deployment easier, even while helping you in cutting down task force and securing the venue effectively.

eInfochips’ Cloud based VMS infrastructure can help the event management companies to manage surveillance remotely and also gives them to advantage of managing multiple events simultaneously. Get to know more about the emerging trends in video analytics.

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Smishad Thomas is the Customer Experience Manager at eInfochips. He has over 10 years of experience into customer service and marketing. Smishad has completed his Masters in English Literature along with a degree in Corporate Communication.

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