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Effective management of large number of electronic parts across many suppliers is very critical as it can directly impact business in multiple ways including delayed product launch, loss in revenue and market share, price fluctuations and unplanned redesigns. Component selection requires in-depth understanding about key commodity trends, strategies, and component lifecylce. To overcome component shortages and End-of-Life scenarios, einfochips has a strong hardware and supply chain team that adopts various strategies and design considerations during product redesign. The team looks at different component options considering pinout, shelf life, pricing and geography for minimum impact to existing product ecosystem.

Why eInfochips for Product Redesign Services?

500+ Products engineered for customers across verticals

160 Point quality checklist derived from 25 years of experience to ensure DFM, DFT and Certification

Highly experienced team of 200+ hardware experts

Comprehensive use of data intelligence tool – Silicon Expert with a database of over 1 billion parts 

Improved EMS OTD / Agility | Increased PPV | Shortage Reduction | VMI Inventory Protection

Leverage Arrow’s ecosystem for streamlined inventory, vendor management and logistics

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Re-engineering of Expansion Card for Thermal Systems

Case Study – Leveraging supply chain insights obtained from Silicon Expert Tool, eInfochips analyzed the entire BOM (Bill of Material) and suggested a new design…

Case Study

Electric Vehicle Heater Controller Development

Case Study – eInfochips team helped the client with component selection and on-time delivery, hardware design and firmware development…

Case Study

Advanced Transportation Controller Design for a Fortune 100 Client

The client is a Fortune 100 business agglomerate with presence across 200 countries with revenues around 100 billion…

Case Study

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