Advanced Transportation Controller Design for a Fortune 100 Client

Executive Summary

The client is a Fortune 100 business agglomerate with presence across 200 countries with revenues around 100 billion USD. They were looking for an embedded solutions partner to assist in the reengineering of a transportation controller nearing end-of-life (EOL), to keep pace with the dynamic market needs of upcoming technologies.

The project scope for eInfochips included a complete redesign of the core engine controller board, all the way from hardware to firmware. eInfochips also redesigned the power supply to help the client comply with latest emission certification standards. The value additions eInfochips brought included lifecycle extension of individual parts as well as complete product and cost reduction by means of part selection and redesign. Also, the implementation of newer technologies helped the client with performance upgrades which included fault tolerance and lower heat generation, among others.

Project Highlights

    • Reengineering of 12 year old product line
    • Hardware update and sustenance
    • Complete redesign of power supply
    • Significant cost savings through engineering and part selection
    • Emission certifications compliance
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