Re-engineering of Voice Solution for Mobile Workforce

Executive Summary

The client is a leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions, helping companies with mobile workers run a better business with voice. The client offers a voice and scanning solution, specifically designed to fully leverage existing ERP & WMS technology investments with the industry’s broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio. The client’s existing product, an industrial-grade voice and scanning solution, comprised of a mobile computer, headset, and scanner. The mobile computer was based on a processor and OS that was going End of Life (EoL). It also lacked enhanced audio, video, and NFC features.

The client was looking for an engineering partner that can help with product redesign that is compatible with the existing infrastructure and to extend the product life and also help with enabling additional features. eInfochips took complete ownership of the redesign and helped in extending the product life by 5 years.

Project Highlights

Re-engineering of Voice Solution for Mobile Workforce
  • Product Re-design
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E
  • Feature enhancement -audio, video and NFC
  • Custom short-range Scanner
  • Extended Product Life by 5 years
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