Electric Vehicle Heater Controller Development

Executive Summary

The client is an American global leader in engine & fluid heating, EV charging, idle-free systems, industrial cooling, and ventilation fans, etc. The customer wanted to develop an EV-Smart Heater system for Trucks and HVs with functional safety ASIL A level. They plan to do Mechanical design in house while the electronics hardware and firmware design, heating coil logic development were outsourced to EIC.

EIC provided end to end solution for microcontroller and IGBT based control design for the heating coil of the heater while parallelly working on the isolation circuitry between High to Low voltage systems.

Project Highlights

Electric Vehicle Heater Controller Development
  • Smart Heater for EV trucks and Heavy Vehicles
  • SPC5 32-bit Automotive Micro Controller
  • IGBT Controller – Up to 800V & 18 kW
  • Isolation Circuit (4KV isolation between low & high voltage)
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