Re-engineering of Expansion Card for Thermal Systems

Executive Summary

The client designs and manufactures industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers, and supporting software for thermal systems. The company offers solutions with optimized thermal performance, decrease design time and improve efficiency for thermal applications. The client had a range of controller-based expansion cards for thermal systems. Due to the end of life of the essential technological component, the client wanted to re-design the expansion board by replacing medium and high-risk components with newer components including the microcontroller unit (MCU). They were looking for an engineering partner who can help with hardware redesign and at the same time also with board support package (BSP) development.

Leveraging supply chain insights obtained from Silicon Expert Tool, eInfochips analyzed the entire BOM (Bill of Material) and suggested a new design with minimal changes in form-factor, pinouts, and also extended product life by 5 years.

Project Highlights

Re-engineering of Expansion Card for Thermal Systems
  • Product Re-design
  • Legacy MCU replaced by STMicro
  • Design Optimization, Component reusability
  • Board Support Package, Kernel
  • Extended Product Life by 5 years
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