eInfochips has launched its ‘Gemini Initiative’ to lead in solutions with ARM CPUs and ARM GPUs. The goal of the initiative is to design a class of products with a superior combination of cost, performance and energy efficiency.


As part of the empanelment on the ARM Connected Community, eInfochips will gain access to ARMv8-A and ARMv7 architecture-based processors that will enable technology companies to get ARM Powered® products to market, faster. eInfochips is aligned with ARM to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture and end use across industry verticals , for products like next-generation flight control systems, medical imaging devices, point-of sale systems, tablet computers and home automation systems and many more.


eInfochips Product Design Experience on ARM

  • ARM8, StrongARM, ARM9, ARM11
  • ARM Cortex-M0, ARM Cortex-M1, ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M4
  • ARM Cortex-R4
  • ARM Cortex-A5, ARM Cortex-A7, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM Cortex-A9, ARM Cortex-A12, ARM Cortex-A15

eInfochips Semiconductor Design Experience on ARM

  • Verification of ARM core based ASICs
  • ARM Core IP hardening and implementation

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