August – 2023

In Focus :

Upcoming Webinar, Introduction to Edge Labs, Product Longevity Program by Qualcomm®, Aikri Products Launch, and Other Helpful Resources.

Webinar: AI-Powered Solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Automation

📢 Join us in exploring the latest advancements in AI-powered solutions for smart manufacturing and industrial automation. Don’t miss this insightful session with industry experts Megha Daga from Qualcomm and Sundeep Rau from eInfochips. Secure your spot!

Unlock Innovation at the Edge with eInfochips’ Edge Labs Services!

📢  Introducing ‘Edge Labs’, a Center of Excellence set-up in collaboration with Qualcomm® and Arrow, helps get your connected intelligent edge devices to market faster. Our strong portfolio of off-the-shelf SoMs, Devkits, IPs & Reusable Frameworks dramatically shortens the product development lifecycle. 

Product Longevity Program for Qualcomm® IoT Portfolio

🕐 Check out Qualcomm’s Product Longevity Program, ensuring your technology investments remain cutting-edge for years to come, a groundbreaking initiative designed to meet the evolving needs of industries requiring extended lifecycle solutions.

Witness the power of synergy as Qualcomm, Arrow, and eInfochips forge a revolutionary path Together! Explore Edge Labs now.

Seamlessly Powered by Qualcomm® QCS2290 SoC, Wi-Fi, and Enhanced Bluetooth 5.0. Unlock Battery Efficiency and Superior Security for Your Robust Connections. Ideal for Mid-Range Industrial and Commercial IoT Dreams. 

Unleash the Potential of Qualcomm® QCS4290 SoC, Wi-Fi 5, Enhanced Bluetooth 5.1, and More. Ideal for High-End Industrial and Commercial IoT Applications. Kick-start Your Development Journey Today!

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