eInfochips collaborates with EchoNous Inc. to develop the recently FDA-cleared KOSMOS platform

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The collaboration has enabled the creation of the world’s first AI-on-the-Edge ultrasound-based tool combined with deep learning for clinical assessment of the heart, lungs and abdomen.


Dear Chipmates,

We are happy to announce that our client EchoNous has recently received FDA clearance for their KOSMOS platform.

The eInfochips team has worked on many aspects of KOSMOS, including creating a cloud platform to enable deep-learning algorithm development, a scalable remote device management platform, and has also contributed to the device firmware and implementation of the user interface. To create this integrated device-to-cloud solution, we have leveraged our partnerships with Qualcomm (the tablet uses Qualcomm® SDA835 System-on-chip) and Microsoft (MS Azure IoT services were used for the cloud platform).

“eInfochips has been key in complementing our core competencies in ultrasound and AI with their expertise in cloud, embedded and mobile app development. We look forward to the continuation of this collaboration as we expand the clinical value of the KOSMOS platform," said Rama Pailoor, vice president of software and cloud engineering at EchoNous Inc.

To read the full text of the press release issued by eInfochips, please click here.

Kudos to all our chipmates for truly enabling our clients to serve their customers better.

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