eInfochips DC Fast Charger Reference Design for High-Speed EV Charging Applications

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution continues to gain momentum worldwide, DCFC will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility. According to S&P Global Mobility 2023 report on EV Chargers, the U.S. PEV charging infrastructure will grow by a factor of 8 by 2030 and will need an estimated total of 2.13 million Level 2 and 172,000 Level 3 public chargers to serve approx. 28.3 million units EVs on US roads.

The development of EV chargers, especially DC “fast chargers,” is becoming increasingly challenging to equipment manufacturers due to several factors, such as lack of prior experience in high power design, functional safety, stringent regulations, and reliability requirements.

To meet the industry’s growing demand and help customers accelerate the development journey of DC Fast Chargers, eInfochips and Arrow’s High Power Center of Excellence have launched an intelligent, connected and future-ready DC Fast Charger (DCFC) Reference design.

eInfochips DCFC is a compact, yet powerful reference design built using the industry’s latest technologies, open standards and safety mechanisms supporting flexible charging standards such as CCS1/CSS2 and power ratings up to 30kW/60A, an ideal choice for small and mid-sized commercial and public EV charging applications.

DCFC’s unique design is based on OCPP v1.6 for flexible integration with preferred CMS software, ISO15118 for bi-directional charging support, large HMI display for ease of use and flexible connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, RFID/NFC, Gigabit Ethernet for billing & payments.

Building Blocks of DC Fast Charger Reference Design

Power Module Unit

Powered by an intelligent 32-bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU), the compact and modular design of power module features a unique combination of power electronics, connectivity and safety for input/output over-voltage/current protections for high-power applications.

  • Charging Standards – CCS1/CCS2
  • Power Ratings – 30 kW / 60 A
  • Vehicle Communication – ISO15118, IEC 61851-23, -24
  • Network Communication – OCPP 1.6
  • Network Interface – Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Safety Mechanisms (i.e., over voltage/current, surge etc.)
  • Number of Guns Supported – 1
  • Energy Metering Support


The Supply Equipment Charge Controller (SECC) unit acts as a bridge between the DC charger power electronics and the electric vehicle’s battery management system. It supports wired/wireless communications for the EV users and CPOs to monitor and manage charging operations. eInfochips DCFC’s SECC unit features a large HMI display, LEDs and Speaker, OCPP protocol for smart charging and ISO15118 for Vehicle-to-Grid applications.

  • Multicore ARM Cortex processor
  • 10” LCD Display (1000 NITS)
  • OCPP 1.6J Support for Smart Charging
  • RFID/NFC Support for User Authentication (ISO 14443/ ISO 15693)
  • Isolated CAN Communication with Power Unit
  • LED Indications (Power, Fault, Charging)
  • DC+ & DC- Charging Contacts Temperature Sensing Support

Remote Management via Conxero EV

eInfochips DCFC can be seamlessly integrated and remotely managed via eInfochips Conxero EV – A cloud-agnostic platform that offers a web-based charger management platform and smart charging mobile app for EVSE control remotely.

  • Smart Charging Mobile App (Android/iOS)
  • Multi-tenant Charger Management Software
  • Cloud-based backend Infrastructure
  • OCPP 1.6 Client/Server Assets
  • OpenADR 2.0b Implementation Framework
  • Reusable Modules and Functional Assets

Architecture Diagram

Customers can rely on this reference design to deliver innovative and leading-edge DC faster chargers, de-risk design cycles, and accelerate their design and speed to market in e-mobility applications.

For more information about the eInfochips DC Fast Charger Reference Design, visit

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