Transforming fleet effectiveness with smart edge solutions

Powering real time fleet monitoring, intelligence, and control

Integrated transportation and logistics companies are building smart edge solutions for fleet monitoring, control, and insights by leveraging state-of-the-art platform technologies spanning device, embedded software, and digital layers.

These solutions empower fleet owners and operators in processing engine sensor telemetry streams, cabin camera and cargo space ambient condition feeds. Telematics and intelligent video analytics applications enable timely actions to ensure vehicle reliability (maintenance) and fleet safety and productivity (driver fatigue, behavior monitoring and insights).

eInfochips has extensive experience in building and managing telematics units, remote diagnostics solutions, connected logistics platforms, mobile surveillance systems and more. We have helped innovative companies engineer cutting edge solutions for improving overall fleet effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

Why eInfochips?

Production ready

Experts in engineering a complete fleet solution – edge devices to connectivity to control

Certification support expertise

Concept to manufacturing ownership for multiple telematics solutions

Strategic alliances

Proven IPs in Camera Design, NVR/DVR design to Video Analytics and VMS integration

Unmatched expertise on low latency

Cloud and data analytics expertise to gather deeper insights from Telemetry data

Key Offerings

  • Fleet management solution design, development and testing
  • Advanced transportation controllers – hardware, firmware and power system design and development
  • Smart parking solutions – end-to-end development, deployment and managed services test automation
  • ADAS and intelligent video analytics – ML algorithm porting, optimization across technology platforms
  • Transportation safety – design, development of cameras and multi-channel rugged NVRs/DVRs with event-based high resolution video streaming and storage


Video Management Software

A fully federated cloud based VMS with a full suite of video analytics capabilities.

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules.

Success Stories

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