Transport and Logistics

eInfochips with its silicon to software expertise complemented by connectivity and SMAC capabilities, presents a strong portfolio of solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. It not only includes solutions for smart transportation, smart parking, vehicle safety & tracking, but also a complete fleet management solution with pre and post event analysis.

Having worked with Fortune 100 companies to develop intelligent transportation solutions, eInfochips has established itself as an innovative and reliable partner for diverse business needs across transport and logistics industry.

Why eInfochips?

Production ready

Edge devices to connectivity to control expertise for a complete fleet solutions

Certification support expertise

Cloud and analytics capabilities for comprehensive transportation solutions

Strategic alliances

Strong expertise with IPs in Camera Design, NVR/DVR design to Video Analytics and VMS integration

Unmatched expertise on low latency

Extensive experience of providing multiple transit solutions to fleet management/school buses and other similar solutions

Key Offerings

  • Advanced transportation Controller: Hardware, Firmware and Power system design for transportation controllers
  • Smart Parking Solutions: Development and Test Automation services for smart parking solutions
  • Camera & Video capabilities: Enabling ADAS and Video Analytics-based smart transportation
  • Transportation safety: Cameras and multi-channel rugged NVRs/DVRs with event-based high resolution video streaming and storage
  • Comprehensive fleet management solution: Hardware, connectivity, Software and analytics


Video Management Software

A fully federated cloud based VMS with a full suite of video analytics capabilities.

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules.

Success Stories

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