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Visualizing Big Data with New Tableau Features: Group Formation, Access Granting, Scheduling, Collaboration

Visualizing Big Data with New Tableau Features: Group Formation, Access Granting, Scheduling, Collaboration

Not very long ago, organizations had only to deal with a relatively small number of data points. However, the closer integration of social media, mobile apps and Cloud residing data with the organization’s business eco-system has led to vast amounts of information emerging from multiple sources.  Effective data visualization, thus, has become indispensable to informed business decision-making. This is where tools like Tableau have proved very useful as they enable business decision-makers to organize and present the data they have more intuitively – helping them quickly zero in on the most important findings. “Seeing is Knowing” is Tableau’s core vision in the organizational goals of informed decision-making.

In order to leverage and enhance the existing features of Tableau, we have designed a framework with the following features which enhance data visualization capabilities-

Group formation

Presently, if users want to interact with each other to share and discuss a topic of common interest, they have to make use of Skype, WebEx etc. In a similar way, there was a need for a “group formation” feature within Tableau which could enable users to visualize data simultaneously. This new feature enables form a self-contained group where users share similar areas of interest, providing the group with an appropriate name and enable “multiple eyes” on the same visual at the same time.

Access Granting

Right now in Tableau we can’t grant users access to the reports. Every time the reports has to be shared, we have to download them and share through email. Apart from that, if the licensed Tableau users want to send the updated reports to the non-licensed users they have to send it one by one.

Access Granting feature enables registered users to actually grant the access of reports to the users (whether individuals or groups) on the basis of their seniority or any kind of role that they were allocated. So, there is no need to explicitly download the reports and share it with users over email.


Scheduling is an add-on feature for granting access to the reports. So rather than sending the reports each and every time to the users. We can actually set up fixed schedules in which the reports will be automatically sent to the users as per their planned schedules.


Now, once we have granted access to the reports we can actually collaborate for having discussions amongst the group (with the help of group option) or amongst the individuals. This all can be done on real time basis with the help of Skype or any other chat tools.

eInfochips is a premier Tableau alliance partner for integrating Tableau capabilities to vertical industry solutions across Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, and the Healthcare. If you have any questions or comments on these new feature additions in Tableau, please get in touch with us at

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