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In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity Making time fly on board

In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity – Making time fly on board

The growing passengers’ demand for more choices in entertainment coupled with the increase in competition has driven airlines to position In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) services as a differentiator. Thus airlines are bringing on board innovative technologies such as Wireless IFE, 3D IFE, gesture control etc. With the rapid proliferation of technology advances from consumer electronics, IFE now involves diverse areas spanning digital entertainment distribution, in-flight marketing, computer technology, satellite communications and many more.

Passengers are now offered more interactive content in contrast to traditional seat based static content. Going further, a lot of emphasis will be given on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The FAA currently prohibits use of electronic devices while a plane is below 10,000 feet, with the exception of portable recorders, hearing aids, heart pacemakers and electric shavers. Once a flight ascends above that altitude, devices can be used in “airplane mode,” which blocks the broadcast of radio signals. Recently, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has put together a group to look at lifting these restrictions on the use of portable electronic devices during take-off and landing.

Many airlines are embracing in-flight connectivity solutions, primarily driven by rising demand from passengers. According to a recent survey carried out by Honeywell Aerospace, a surprising number of airline passengers are willing to forgoextra legspace and an inflight bathroom break for good onboard connectivity. Nine out of ten of the 3,000 adults surveyed “ all of whom reside in the USA, UK or Singapore and have used inflight Wi-Fi in the last 12 months “ are ready to give up extra legroom, the ability to recline their seat, or an in-flight beverage service if they can access internet faster.

All these factors are enhancing the overall passenger experience on board. For in-flight entertainment system suppliers, these trends mean they need to catch up fast with the changing technologies. They also need to accelerate time-to-market to introduce new technologies on board quickly. Thus, they will find it beneficial to work with partners that have in-depth technical expertise in the areas of multimedia and connectivity. eInfochips has strong expertise and ready to use solutions in technologies related to audio, video, connectivity, intelligent devices and digital media servers

eInfochips has developed solutions for Digital TV, Passenger Media Unit, Seat Display Unit, Digital Media Servers etc. by bringing together different off-the-shelf components from hardware and software vendors and developed the rest of the components required, in-house. The developed systems are compliant with DO-254 & DO-178 processes, and FAA guidelines. Along with product development, we also extend our services for Feature Enhancements, Product Migration, Bug Fixing, Technical Support, etc. Some of the products we developed have won prestigious awards at APEX EXPO.

eInfochips is a Product and Semiconductor Design Solutions company with the infrastructure, processes, expertise and experience to deliver turnkey technology solutions from global offshore centers for industries like Aerospace &Defense, Security & Surveillance, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Media & Broadcast, Retail and Software.

eInfochips expertise has been recognized by reputed agencies like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, NASSCOM and Zinnov. Today, over 1000 professionals deliver turnkey projects from 10 design centers across India and USA, for top-notch global product companies. The company has sales offices in USA, Canada, Japan, UK and India.

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