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Connected Devices for Changing Medical Devices Landscape

Connected Devices for Changing Medical Devices Landscape

Medical devices have long been thought be independent functional entities with little or no connectivity with other devices. More and more devices in the market competed for better capability to diagnose and monitor patient illness.
While the war for supremacy for algorithmic power and efficiency continues, many are moving towards devices that can make a physician’s life easier.

Two areas of improvements that have been happening lately in the medical devices domain

  1. Mobile enablement
  2. Interconnectivity of devices and EMR enablement

Mobile Enablement

Mobile enablement for medical devices has seen an upward trend in the market following FDA setting up guidelines and monitoring applications and relaxing barriers on certifications. Our capability in terms of mobile enablement over existing hardware has seen positive results within our customers. This has ensured that the entire system does not require an FDA approval cycle allowing faster delivery to Market. The idea lab initiative from eInfochips has gone a step ahead in building real time monitoring and diagnostics applications with the data backend and analytics supported on Big Data.

Interconnectivity of devices and EMR enablement

Connectivity has been one of the areas of engagement we have been seeing a lot of traction from some of the medical devices companies. Medical devices companies have been trying to provide multiple connectivity options on their future generation of devices that can not only talk to other existing machines but also directly integrate with the EMR Solution. Mobile medical devices have seen a surge with low energy connectivity solutions like BLE (Bluetooth low energy). eInfochips has been able to reengineer some of the product to minimize power consumption while ensuring that the capability of the device is retained.

We have been working on the next generation of connected healthcare solutions that not only integrated data for analytics but also ensure real time connectivity and feedback systems. The move towards mobile enabled devices is making the physicians life easier through better reach and availability on demand. By leveraging our current expertise in IEC compliant hardware and software designs, we have been able to improve existing devices and have been the valuable contributors in the next generation of medical devices being built.

To get more details of our medical devices service offering reach out to If you are coming to MD&M Minneapolis, meet us at Booth #1052 on 29th and 30th October and we can extend more over the topic.

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