Webinar: Why IoT Needs to Build a Nexus between OT, IT, and Business – Challenges, Integration, and Use Cases

Webinar: Driving Digital Transformation Success with Test Automation

Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have long remained autonomous functions, with robust data boundaries between them. The volume and variety of data generated by sensors, actuators, machines, and gateways on the OT side are often huge and stored in silos, which lead to problems in holistic data analysis, storage, and monitoring from IT and business functions.

To create a truly seamless connected IoT system that maximizes business value, there is an impending need to build a strong nexus between OT and IT data. This nexus will help improve insights into business operations, increase the speed of innovation and development, enhance the end user experience, reduce operational costs, improve quality of deliverables, allow for predictive maintenance, and more.

However, harmonizing OT and IT systems come with significant challenges due to differences in business functions, technology stack, and the inherent culture of the departments.

Watch this webinar to deep-dive into the challenges, integration, and use cases for OT-IT data convergence, for business excellence.

Topics covered

  • The need for OT-IT-Business convergence
  • Understanding the roadblocks in OT-IT convergence
    • Cultural challenges and functional differences between OT and IT departments
    • Significance and complexity of OT data and applications
    • Remotely managing devices and extracting insights from data
    • Need for OT system integrators
  • Integration methods – technology, process, and people
  • Benefits of OT-IT integration with use cases and real client journeys

Who will benefit from the webinar?

Product managers /engineering directors / IoT system implementation heads

CTOs & CIOs planning digital transformation initiatives

Any curious embedded & software developer working on connected systems

Watch the Webinar

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