Arrow shows Swarovski optics Smart Binoculars
developed with eInfochips at Embedded World 2024

At Embedded World 2024 at the Arrow booth, Sandip of eInfochips, a product manager, discusses various products developed on Qualcomm IoT processors, ranging from low to premium sectors. Reference designs include a video conferencing proof of concept utilizing the QCA 6490 for Teams calls and HDMI input for content sharing. Another showcased item is a dev kit featuring Qualcomm’s latest processor, the QCS 8550, running Linux with a fully upstream kernel, aiming for closer integration with the mainline kernel and enhanced GPU performance through heterogeneous computing. Among the exhibited products is a pair of binoculars developed by Swarovski, incorporating a chipset from Qualcomm. 

These smart binoculars are designed to recognize various objects, such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies, enabling developers to create diverse applications. Notably, the binoculars allow users to share their view with others, termed “point of interest,” akin to experiencing a virtual world together. Sandip confirms the functionality of the binoculars and notes their availability in the market, accessible through QR codes provided at the event. The smart binoculars feature a Qualcomm QCS 605 CPU, equipped with a battery that lasts a full day, making them suitable for extended outdoor use. Charging is facilitated via Type-C connection, with a separate charger provided. The binoculars boast a built-in camera, allowing users to capture high-quality images and videos of their observations, enhancing the overall birding experience. The integration of Qualcomm’s high-tier SoC ensures robust performance for the smart binoculars, enabling efficient recognition of objects and seamless sharing of views. Sandip emphasizes the practicality of the product, affirming its real-world availability and functionality. Potential users are encouraged to explore the QR codes provided for convenient access to purchase information. Overall, Sandip highlights the collaboration between Swarovski and Qualcomm, showcasing innovative applications of IoT processors in consumer products like smart binoculars. The demonstration underscores the versatility and performance of Qualcomm’s processors in enabling advanced features such as object recognition and seamless sharing, enhancing the user experience in outdoor activities like birdwatching.

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