ZigBee based Retail Site Intelligence

Executive Summary

Kroger, the world’s 5th largest retailer came up with this concept of Retail Site Intelligence. The objective was to simplify the shopping experience, streamline store operations and reduce pilferage using technology.

ZigBee® technology was a major enabler for the solution, with the entire infrastructure connectivity designed around it. This included the world’s first ZigBee enabled IP Camera, Portable Barcode Scanner, Temperature Sensor Tags, Door Sensors and Access Points – complimented with a custom Surveillance Video Management Software and Video Analytics. Overall, the IP cameras doubled up to form a ZigBee® Network for ZigBee-enabled devices on the store floor to communicate with.

The solution is presently in pilot deployments across Kroger stores, and the results have been encouraging.

Project Highlights

    • Better Shopping Experience
    • Improved Staff Response
    • Lower Infrastructure Costs
    • Higher Operational Efficiency
    • Lesser Shinkage and Spoilage
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