World’s First Edge-AI based Portable Ultrasound Device

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based innovative company engaged in developing an unprecedented diagnostic tool in portable formfactor and capable of delivering high-value clinical care through the meaningful application of AI. The client has developed an edge-AI-enabled, portable proprietary ultrasound tool that can move easily through busy hospital wards and ICUs. For achieving global deployment and supporting diverse business models, the client was looking for an experienced engineering partner to support their product and digital platform development initiatives.

Leveraging its strong digital engineering capabilities, the eInfochips team created the Azure cloud platform to enable deep-learning algorithm development. Team also developed a scalable remote device management platform that enables rapid provisioning and management, including OTA firmware updates of the devices in the field. Additionally, the team contributed to the android application, device firmware, and UI implementation. This future-ready platform is useful for global data analytics, monitoring device usage, analyzing cost per device and medical practitioner engagement, etc.

Project Highlights

    • Azure cloud digital platform to enable scalable RDM and DL algorithm development
    • Android application to display high-level medical imaging on custom medical tablet
    • Device firmware development and user interface (UI) implementation
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